Training Delivery

Training just how you like it

Everyone has had that moment when we should have known or wished we had known more about the machine at our fingertips. Jargone have brought together dynamic ways of learning your way around Microsoft products and will deliver them in a way that best suits you.

You can choose whether you learn Microsoft Office product training in the way that others do, or you may have a special requirement in mind. We work with all learners to establish your learning requirements and recommend the best course structure for you.

Choose your training structure

We’ve worked hard to develop innovative course structures, which look at the full spectrum of Microsoft products while pulling in relevant business skills. Our courses include:

Solution Seminars

Taking place in small groups and covering a range of topics that are relevant to most businesses, our seminars develop your IT and business skills freeing you to work on solutions to real business issues with the support of our experienced tutor. In order for you to gain the maximum benefit from the seminar, the cost includes a pre-seminar diagnostic discussion and an online follow up session.

Coach IT

Our Coach IT service offers one-to-one coaching on an IT topic that you need help to develop. Our sessions are delivered at your premises or via our virtual classroom. Before your coaching session, we will discuss your issue and tailor your coaching to allow you to work towards a solution under the guidance of our experienced tutor.

Breakfast Bytes

Our Breakfast Bytes normally take place at the start of the business day, getting your learning out of the way, so you can get on with the day job. They are delivered via our virtual classroom.

Our sessions work with you, with the options to undertake either a face to face session or work in our virtual classroom environment. Whichever option you choose, our training is delivered by skilled systems trainers in small classes and our sessions have been developed to ensure you achieve you desired outcomes. Don’t forget to ask about our fast track and conversion options available for product based courses.