Interactive Information Delivery

There is nothing more important to your organisation than the people who work in it. From the first moment they walk through the door, it is important that they feel welcome and ready to be part of the team.

How many times have new starters arrived on a day with a tight deadline or a schedule packed full of meetings. It certainly puts pressure on them but also it can make the person in charge of the induction feel inadequate. There’s two negatives too many already.

Information delivery at your fingertips

Imagine a complete online package created simply for the purpose of informing your staff, learners and visitors about life on site and within your organisation. Once completed, everyone would share the same level and depth of understanding with no room for error. It would also free up your existing staff to get on with their job and keep their energies for extending a warm, personal welcome to those who need it most.

Your online package also means that information can be accessed at anytime during the day or night – perfect for shift working. This allows users to use the information as a resource too, going back and forth to understand it at their own speed often long after the initial purpose has been achieved.

The content is easily updateable when changes are required, which means you can say goodbye to the pile of expensive printed copies of obsolete handbooks lurking in the stationery cupboard. Great for the bottom line and the planet.

While we work with all types of publications, examples include:

  • Staff handbooks
  • Visitor / Contractor Site Health & Safety briefings
  • Pupil / student handbooks
  • Exhibition exhibitor guides