Freelance Support

Freelance e-learning support for your in-house team

At Jargone, we are on hand to help you out when you need it most. With businesses under pressure from all sides, you will not want to carry spare capacity within your in-house e-learning team. However, sometimes you need to access extra staff resource, quickly and without fuss.

Working with Jargone’s freelance e-learning team allows you to react quickly to your business needs without investing in a long-term commitment. With a faster response time than going through the long-drawn out recruitment process, the Jargone freelance team offers a personal service that will provide the best fit to your requirements.

We are flexible and responsive to your needs and can act swiftly to meet the demand of a sudden spike in activity or cover holiday / sickness within your team. Whether you need to outsource just one element of a project or an entire e-learning module, we can offer a fresh perspective, experience, and expertise that will contribute to the project outcome.

In addition to our own staff, we are proud to work with a trusted group of talented professional partners to develop specialist content such as voiceovers or digital video when you need them.