Is delivering training or providing information a logistical nightmare for you?

As the working day becomes packed with more and more competing priorities and deadlines; learning opportunities and CPD can start to slip to the bottom of the list.

Getting all participants in the same place at the same time for face-to-face training events, not to mention the often time-consuming and expensive travel to and from a training venue, can be a logistical nightmare. That’s where a professionally produced e-learning solution is worthy of consideration and can help your organisation move forward. It is not right in every case, but in many it can provide a consistent, flexible and cost-effective solution.

We can get your expertise to your learners

Each project is unique and with a vast range of potential solutions available, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. So we start from scratch and work with you and your subject experts to understand your requirements; only then can we can advise on the most effective solution for your needs.

We combine the information that you share with us with our instructional design expertise to create an informative and interactive e-learning solution that delivers real impact.

By partnering with Jargone you will:

  • receive a bespoke solution based on your requirements,
  • benefit from the skills and experience of our instructional designers,
  • gain access to a range of trusted professional partners to develop specialist content such as voice-overs or digital video,
  • benefit from full project management services from inception to deployment and beyond,
  • utilise our Training Administration services, if you do not already have your own hosting and learner management solution.

Right time, just in time

Flexibility lies at the heart of our e-learning solutions. We aim to give learners the flexibility to study what they need, when they need it, at a pace and within a schedule that fits around their other work commitments. This also allows learners to pop in and out of completed training, using it as a reference resource when needed to consolidate their learning.

When content is not king, cost is!

We are more agile than many other e-learning providers. Our team of trusted freelance specialists are on hand when we need them, but not on retainer when we don’t. We choose to pass this saving on to our clients with our competitively priced course development fees.