Kate Baucherel

About Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel is part of the team behind Ambix, flexible cloud communities for membership organisations. A Chartered Management Accountant with 25 years’ commercial experience, Kate first worked with developers in 1988, which started a career-spanning interest in the online world. She is author of Poles Apart: Challenges for business in the digital age, and works with businesses of all sizes to help them use the internet effectively to achieve their goals.

Pitch Perfection

First of all, don’t worry if you missed the Skills Network “Pitching for Success” Pitch event this week – we’ll be running it again at a venue near you in the near future. Pitching is an essential skill for every business person, particularly in a small business where you rely on everyone to represent what […]

Tell it like it is: Pitching your business

Every entrepreneur is a salesperson. There is no getting away from this. You are the person who knows your business best, the person who is in direct contact with potential clients, investors, or employees. You’re ‘in sales’ whether you like it or not – and it’s essential to embrace that fact however unwelcome, and sell […]