Why 3 sides of a square?

You are probably wondering why we have called our blog “Three Sides of a Square”. Lots of people do, so you are not alone. Read on, the answer is quite simple and lies in the way we learn and use new information. After all, Jargone is all about learning and development.

Think about a time when you were in a place that you didn’t know very well, so you still needed to rely on a series of landmarks to get around. It’s like when you’re on holiday – you know how to get between certain places but can’t picture the overall layout of your surroundings.

When we are self-taught and construct our own solutions to business challenges, it’s exactly the same. We usually get there in the end but it’s unlikely to be the efficient solution that an expert would use. In other words, we go around 3 SIDES OF A SQUARE to get from A to B, hence the name of the Jargone Learning and Development blog.

As well as news articles and details of upcoming events, our regular expert tips on a range of business subjects will help your business to get from A to B more efficiently.